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LB Collection<SUP>® </SUP> Wool Stainless Steel
Weight Category: 0
  Fingering 10-count crochet thread
Skein: 0.50 oz./14 g (273 yd/244 m)
Fiber Content:

75% Wool, 25% Stainless Steel

LB Collection® Wool Stainless Steel

Part of our collection of affordable, luxury fibers, this unique Wool Stainless Steel yarn creates unique pieces that keep their shape. Strong, yet lacy, it's great for ethereal wraps or beautiful original jewelry. Combine it with other yarns to add texture and strength to sweaters and accessories.

The LB Collection is exclusively available through Lion Brand via, the Lion Design catalog, the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City, and the Lion Brand Yarn Outlet in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Because these yarns are specially made in small batches, these yarns are not available through any other retailer.


Variable gauge is acceptable for all knit and crochet.

Care: Items made from this yarn may be laundered through the use of water, detergent or soap and gentle hand manipulation. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may not be used. Lay out horizontally for drying. Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
Article: #485-108   Dusty Blue: <p>Light cool blue</p>
Dusty Blue
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-114   Cerise: <p>Medium magenta</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-123   Khaki: <p>Neutral beige</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-152  Pewter: <p>Light grey</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-153   Raven: <p>True black</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-178  Teal: <p>Vibrant blue-green</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-186  Amber: <p>Medium orange</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-189   Wine: <p>Dark burgundy</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-195  Azalea: <p>Magenta</p>
Price $ 9.99 
Article: #485-198  Passion: <p>Reddish orange</p>
Price $ 9.99 

The LB Collection is available exclusively through our catalog, and the Lion Brand® Yarn Studio.
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